Welcome at Shake Reality!

Are you looking for a brilliant experience to share with your family, colleagues or friends? Would you like to organise an amazing teambuilding event?

At Shake Reality it’s all-possible! Dive into the Virtual Reality world of games, jump in a real life rollercoaster, walk through the jungle or over a plank high above a city. It is a unique and crazy experience.

With the wireless HTC Vive Virtual Reality, glasses you step into the world of your chosen game and enjoy the wildest adventures; you can choose from over 25 experiences.

We also organise cool themed adventures like zombie nights or dance parties. If the excitement gets too much you can take it in turns and relax on our comfy sofa’s and follow the actions of the other players on a big screen. Add a drink and a snack to create a special and “gezellig” feeling. Ofcourse you are also welcome to our weekly VR clubnight

Shake Reality is a new concept in Putten. Besides the games you can enjoy our most wonderful fresh milkshakes and smoothies, all with unique toppings! You can chill out in our bar or outside on our terrace.

Our Idea

As a family we lived in England for a long time. You can find milkshake bars in every town in the UK. Our son Luke loves gaming (and milkshakes) and this is how we came to the idea of combining milkshakes/virtual reality. Our youngest daughter Sophie loves to help in the shakebar and she can’t wait to make her Sophie’s Special for you! Shake Reality is a family business!


Dorpsstraat 40, 3881 BD Putten, Gelderland


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